Moon bifold wallet - Smith & Sun

Moon bifold wallet


A wallet that wear's in, not out...

This hand cutcut slim crescent moon bi-fold has 2 pockets, suitable for a total of 2-4 cards and/or some folded notes. It's hand stitched with linen thread and waxed with all natural bee's wax - So it kinda smells like honey : ) but that dissipates.  

Currently it's only available in black and veg tan natural leather (gathered from scraps). The leather will develop a unique patina through everyday use, and will only get better over time.

Soon, I'll have it in MuSkin plant leather too - It is a 100 % vegetable layer alternative to animal leather. It comes from the Phellinus ellipsoideus, a kind of big parasitic fungus that grows in the wild and attacks the trees in the subtropical forests. Exciting times.