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Protective amulets ward off neg energy - They're not the last line of defence but definitely a good shield!  Talismans enhance your intentions - They're amplifies! Crystals all have their own energy, which can influence you. 


RINGS, in all shapes and sizes.  Perhaps no other man-made object contains such depth of meaning as the ring - They're adorned and adored by the individual who wears them intimately - They're connected. Our rings and the markings they bear, allude to a rich tradition of myth and magick. 


By projecting consciousness into an object, sensations becomes intensified because it is not dissipated by the usual distractions.  A collection of one-off vintage items and modern accessories that compliment our jewellery collections. We also have had made sage bundles alongside other cleansing items and treats. Everything is made or compiled by us in...

V) Crystals

Because some crystals don't want to be made in wearables - They want to sit on an alter, nestle beneath your pillows, settle in your palms whilst you meditate or slip into your pocket so you feel like a spiritual gangsta... They wanna do magick, let them do their thing...