Fumy Lemurian Quartz talisman - Smith & Sun

Fumy Lemurian Quartz talisman

Most the Crystals in this collection are chosen for their slightly rougher aesthetic qualities. This misty Lemurian Quartz is mounted on silver and hung off a silver (925) vintage chain fob - Lemurians are often referred to as Lemurian seed crystals because it is said that ancient Lemurians "seeded” them with knowledge.
Lemurian crystals possess a distinct energy, they are extraordinary crystals used in all types of healing, meditation, intuitive and energy work. 

"The Lemurian civilisation is believed to have predated the Atlantean. Lemurian Seed crystals provide a powerful connection to this civilisation as they are said to have ‘codes’ within them which, when the time is right, can be read to access the wisdom of that time." Judy Hall.