Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun
Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun
Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun
Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun
Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun
Coral me surprised - Smith & Sun

Coral me surprised


Let's start off by saying, coral is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality. I feel some of those are slightly counterintuitive. Perhaps  if I change modesty for diplomacy it feels better...

From ancient times, it is used as a sacred talisman - To purify negative energy and positively attract positive energy - this piece was found washed up on the shore. I collected it over 10 years ago, and recently decided it was time to cast it in bronze.  I'm not sure if you all know about my love affair with bronze... I'll try to keep it brief. This beautiful copper alloy is an earth element - Associated humility and being grounded, as well as having a calm strength about it -  stability, security, and sturdiness. its warm like gold, but steady like a rock. 

It is pretty weighty (62 gms) and hangs off a vintage sterling albert clip and a hollow gold fill chain, to help off set that heft! Wear it as a amulet on your neck, hang it off your keys... up to you. 

From the AW20 collection Astral Ancestors:

The inspiration for the Astral Ancestors collection is a scent -  A perfumed oil that captures the spirit of an imagined journey - From the Earth's Core to Outer Space. 

"There was something undefined and complete, existing before Heaven and Earth. How still it was, how formless, standing alone and undergoing no change, reaching everywhere with no danger of being exhausted. It may be regarded as the mother of all things. Truthfully it has no name, but I call it Tao." (Tsu, 1972)

Black pepper and patchouli - The core, snaking up towards the crust and beyond.

Vetiver and frankincense  -  The earth, caves and fields.

Lavender and neroli  - Flora and fauna.

Cedarwood, sandalwood and fir   - The trees reaching up.

Geranium  - Stratosphere

Birch tar  - Moon

Almond - Saturn's moon

Raspberry - Outer space.