Twisted Tiber River travel soap - Smith & Sun

Twisted Tiber River travel soap


We do like the mud and grit that nature offers, but it seems we also Argan oil, shea butter and natural scents...  Unwilling to just throw my empty deodorant tubes away,  I knew they'd come in handy one day (spoken like a true horder)... I remembered something... Years ago in college (20 odd years ago) I filled old pritt stick glue tubes with soap to carry around with me. 

This is a good time to resurrect the product - with a fresh take. 

Recycled deodorant tubes have been filled a mix of argan oil and shea butter soap,  scented with our astral ancestor oil mix.

As this product wouldn't be complete without a little Smith & Sun unique twist - We have carved a copper (non-reactive noble metal) lid to go with this. It's pretty special. In fact so special, that we know you won't want to throw it away. So please - do send it back to us and we will refill it with soap, for a meer tuppence...  That is actually a but much by today's standards maybe one tenth of a tuppence!

The video is of soap bubbles showing the Marangoni flow - Fluid flows from a warmer area with low surface tension (the bubble’s bottom) to a cooler spot with higher surface tension (the dome’s highest point). The currents push the crystals upward until patterns bloom from multiple cooling spots, but in doing so, destroy the Marangoni flow which created it....  hmmm  ouroboros soap suds....